Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Monique Lualhati & David DiMuzio - What I Do Know

David DiMuzio
What I Do Know by Monique Lualhati & David DiMuzio is now available here in your opm songs page! Check out the lyrics video of this song by Monique Lualhati & David DiMuzio. This is the official lyrics video of the song released by David DiMuzio on their YouTube Channel, June 9, 2015.
My favorite contestant on this years "The Voice of The Philippines" was Monique Lualhati. What a talent! I'm so happy to have had the chance to record this original song with her. Not only is she a great singer, but she's also beautiful and very "mabait". This is her first original release, and I've been waiting for just the right artist to record it with. Please click SHARE if you like our song and video. Much love!! :)

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Directed, shot, and edited by Calvin York Uy.
Here is the lyrics of What I Do Know by Monique Lualhati & David DiMuzio 
"Purple Rain", came on today
Why can’t I turn off that song
A simple melody, the lyrics don’t make sense to me
But I always sing along

I don’t know how fast a star falls
What it feels like to have wings
I think you’re probably like cocaine
But I don’t know about those things n

But what I do know
Is love sets you free
I’m a testimony
To what I do know
And we were meant to meet
And we were meant to be

I don’t know what Jesus looked like
I don’t think I really care
How many gallons make an ocean
How do I measure this emotion
And why you always catch my stare

Don’t know what our kids’ll look like
But I pray they have your eyes
How many logs will build a cabin
How does magic always happen
Yet come as a surprise
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Monique Lualhati & David DiMuzio - What I Do Know
4/ 5
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