OPM stands for Original Pinoy Music. Well, here in the Philippines opm songs is very popular because of the harmonies and spirit of this kind of country genre song. Songs are very easy to remember when listeners relate to the theme of the songs. With the innovation of media, Filipino songs became easier to be shared to people especially today with the use of social networking sites. 

Here in the Philippines Filipino song artist decided to create an organization that will unite the Filipino band and artist, which will maintain and promotes the essence of music. The president of this organization is Mr. Ogie Alcasid – He is veteran singer, performer and song writer here in the Philippines. 

By the way, this music blog is all about the latest opm songs today and the most popular (all-time favorite) opm songs. We are not just simply sharing the lyrics together with the music video of every artist/band, but we also support their songs to be heard by listeners and music lovers. 

The music videos that you will see in here in this page are embedded only and all credited from YouTube. For the lyrics, other song lyrics are credited from different online free source lyrics here in the World Wide Web. But other songs lyrics are posted here are manually listed and source based from what we heard in our lyrics review. 

OPM Songs
imagewas credited from technoodling.net

That’s all, thank you very much for reading our about page. Feel free to share your favorite opm songs using your social media account as we promote original pinoy music. Mabuhay ang Musikang Pilipino.

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