Monday, August 24, 2015

Zion Aquino - Every My Only Love

Zion Aquino
Every My Only Love by Zion Aquino is now available here in your opm songs page! Check out the lyrics video of this song by Zion Aquino. This is the official lyrics video of the song released by Zion Aquino (Official) their YouTube Channel, June 29, 2015.
Music and lyrics by Trina Belamide
Arranged by Arnold Buena
Recorded at Loudbox by Mark McCullie
Mixed by Angee Rozul

Here is the lyrics of Every My Only Love  by Zion Aquino 
Can't believe an angel stands before my eyes
who'd have thought this angel could be mine, all mine
never thought I'd see such beauty
girl, you always take my breath away

every worry, every doubt and every fear
all my troubles melt away when you hold me near
I lose myself in your embrace
girl, you make my nights as bright as day

ever my hope
ever my dream
ever my source of inspiration
You're my life's sweetest revelation

forever I thank the heavens above
that I have you, girl you're ever my world and ever my only love
in my life you're everything I could ever need
nothing else compares to having you next to me

I fall apart when I'm not beside you
promise that with me you'll always stay
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Zion Aquino - Every My Only Love
4/ 5
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