Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Mikey Bustos - Introduce Myself

OPM Songs - Mikey Bustos
Introduce Myself by Mikey Bustos is now available here in your opm songs page! 

Check out the video of this song by Introduce Myself by Mikey Bustos

This is the music video of the song released by Mikey Bustos on their YouTube Channel, February 11, 2016.
Here is the lyrics of Introduce Myself by Mikey Bustos
I wake up early cuz today is a big day
And I need some help from God so I pray
Lord, I super really need you to help me
When I meet the parents of my baby
Cause I’m gunna need a miracle
If I’m gunna get through it alive 
In fact, I think I should get a protective helmet
But I really need to be a man
If I really love her then by Pilipino tradition
I need parents permission
To date their daughter I need to walk through hell
And like Harry Potter, I need a magic spell
To be charming to her parents when she takes me home I have to be the one
The man they’ll love to call their son

And so today’s the day the courting process
Means that I must introduce myself
To my parents-to-be they’ll really need to love me
When I introduce myself

To win her parents’ heart, oh this is my hope
Cause I do not want to have to elope
Oh I need to show that I’m intelligent
And that I finished school even if I didn’t 
Aha! I will tell them that I’m half Chinese
And my parents own businesses, it’s a lie. Whatever, they don’t 
Have to know that I’m broke
And I’ll tell them that I have a car
Even if I really just have a bike
I’ll say I have a driver when really it’s just Uber, on my mom’s credit card
I’m meeting her parents, I need to exaggerate
Cause if they say NO then we can no longer date
So I must do what I can do, need to play innocent, too
If her dad knew, all the things we do he’d kill me!

And this is why I say I’m freaking nervous
Cause its time to introduce myself
Like many guys before, I need to be an angel
When I introduce myself

So here we are knocking at her parents’ door
And I feel like I will faint on the floor
I must remember to smile big when we meet
Because this might be the last time I have teeth
Hello Ma’am / Sir. I’m Mike your daughter’s boyfriend and I’m glad to introduce myself
You never told me that your mom was beautiful and sir you’re not so bad yourself
And now they ask about my life and job I say that I am all SUCCESS and WEALTH 
And then they say, they saw my facebook page and know I’m heading home all by myself
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Mikey Bustos - Introduce Myself
4/ 5
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