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Nafeesah Tynetta - Masquerade - Bring Your Mask

Check out the lyrics and official music video of this opm song entitled “MasqueradeBring Your Mask” by Nafeesah Tynetta.This is the Official music video of the song released by vivamusicgroup1 on their YouTube Channel, January 2, 2015.
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Nafeesah Tynetta
Here is the lyrics of Bring Your Mask by Masquerade
Just keep it to yourself
Don’t let them know what you’ve been wishing
Put your dreams up-up on a shelf
If you tell them, they’ll say you’re unrealistic
But what matters the most?
Do you care about how you feel or how they think you feel?
They’ve got their own lives to live
And theirs are most likely fucked up 
Let’s just keep it real
Hide who you really are
Who’s gonna love you will all your flaws?
Always show up as somebody else
Just like a mascaraed ball
Hook (2x)
So bring your mask
Cuz nobody wants to be the last one standing
Bring your mask
Don’t show who you are
This world is so demanding
(bring your mask)

And when you’re all alone
You sit think of all the things that you should’ve said
Shoulda got them up off your back
Instead, you’re having conversations in your head
But what matters the most
What they think you should do or what you’d love to do?
A bunch of constant chatter
And what they say ain’t really got shit to do w/ you
So that fire keeps burning
You start to realize there aint no turnin back
The cards are on the table
And when it’s time to perform, you’ll be able

They want you to conform, to play their game
But after you find out what’s real, fake don’t feel the same
We all have our own paths, we go separate ways
Nobody’s perfect, so why judge anyway??
Just pick up on those signs cuz they’re coming fast
Even when it’s hard to be you, don’t you ever bring your mask.
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Nafeesah Tynetta - Masquerade - Bring Your Mask
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