Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Typecast - Ceiling

Ceiling by Typecast is now available here in your opm songs page! Check out the lyrics and music video of this song by Typecast. This is the Official lyrics music video of the song released by Ninja Chuchit on their YouTube Channel,  February 6, 2015.
This song of Typecast is under their newest album entitled "Words Sits Heavy"
Typecast Songs
Here is the lyrics of Ceiling by Typecast
Live from the horizon standing on a prayer
Nothings ever surprising so I don’t really care
Manipulatin the moon tide in my palm
A mind is so easy to lose in-between songs
This beer is flat and my makers is watered down
Don’t know where I’m at not really use to this side of town
Stars calling frantic I skydive for home
Bar calming the panic the likewise alone
Simply sensationalized glamorized margin to fail
The enemies patronize our sterilized garden till bare
Walking this high wire to light a fire under the tea pot
All desire there left after throwing back those three shots
Toe tag em for the cynicism side show
Got to gag em quick but I prefer that we ride slow
All in together now all egos in orbit
I’m feeling better now my faith is in the mortgage …

[Verse 2]
They try to chain us to the monkey mechanism system
Van Gogh my lobes before I ever stretch an ear to listen
I’ve been alive since be for the master piece was finished
Bled ink supply dry before a single word was written
Type cast the outcast and by pass the circuitry
Please stash the free cash the triads are circling
The nomads are so mad there no path to follow
Eyes are so sad there’s no Laughs to borrow
I test my lungs limits trudging through a pack a day
Wanna trust again in my friends more than my ash tray
There’s only so much a hardened heart can take
They don’t expect the quiet one to make some ripples in the lake
I’ve been here before and now I’m trying to catch the feeling
Of euphoria the that lives between the floorboards and the ceiling
Every time I think I’m home they wana throw me a distraction
Plant my flag in my passion Place my faith in waves crashing …
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Typecast - Ceiling
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