Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Barbie Almalbis - Firewoman

Firewoman by Barbie Almalbis is now available here in your opm songs page! 
Check out the video of this song Firewoman by Barbie Almalbis

This is the music video of the song released by TOWERofDOOM on their YouTube Channel, May 25, 2016.

Here is the lyrics of Firewoman by Barbie Almalbis
The moons gone down
I know you're still awake
This heart I've found
I didn't intend to break

Cause I've seen the world from down there
And it wasn't a pretty sight
Now the circle is turning
Are you armed for the fight

I wanna be a firewoman
I'll water down your desire
Cause I know this love is a killer
I wanna put out your fire

Apology is futility
Now destiny is not a friend
Did you come for danger
You gave me love for pain

Now you're much more than a stranger
I wanna give you love
But all I have is rain
I'm gonna put it out

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Barbie Almalbis - Firewoman
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