Saturday, April 11, 2015

Climax - Ex

Check out the lyrics and music video of this opm song entitled “Ex" by Climax. This is the Official lyrics music video of the song released by vivamusicgroup1 on their YouTube Channel, April 11, 2015.
Ex" is the debut single from the band Climax. The group consists of guitarist Kem Alia, bassist Norman Peradilla, drummer Stanley Seludo, and masked frontman Max Guerrero. "Ex" according to song's lyricist and composer Max, is "about a guy who can't move on from his former love.” 

Emotional and biting, the rock ballad "Ex" music video also features Andi Eigenmann and Bret Jackson. The music video is directed by Ryan Evangelista and the digital track is released by Viva Records
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Here is the lyrics of Ex by Climax
We are very sorry to inform you that the lyrics of this song is still not available but you may bookmark this page so that you can check it out if it's already updated. For the meantime you may enjoy the Official Music video.
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Climax - Ex
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